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SuperKids classes build confidence, balance, flexibility, strength, and co-ordination!

  • Classes held at schools are either 30, 45, or 60 minutes in length.
  • Classes are usually held indoors, sometimes outdoors.
  • Usually, two teachers team-teach classes held at schools.
  • We bring our own music and equipment.
  • Parents pay SuperKids by check every two months or by season.  (except Peninsula Montessori Golden Cove and Redondo Beach)
  • After initial registration, parent receives a statement in the mail inviting them to re-enroll their child.


  • We provide colorful flat mats, low balance beams, incline mats, a stunt bar, springboard, mini-trampoline, and vault for a challenging obstacle course.

Format  and Curriculum:

  1. Warm Up Exercises to Kid-Friendly Music - simple routines taught follow-the leader-style
  2. Mat Time - Lead-up skills to prepare for obstacle course - squat, straddle, tuck. Balances, house position, donkey jumps, scissor kicks.
  3. Obstacle Course Time - features a different set-up each week. Front, back, and straddle rolls, cartwheels, and handstands are the main tumbling skills we teach. Every class features a cartwheel or pre-cartwheel skill such as bear walk, scissor kick. In addition we teach skills on our equipment.
  4. Coordination Game - Sometimes we bring the parachute, balls, balloons & paddles, bean bags or streamers.
  5. Review and Good Bye - We end every class with our SuperKids cheer and a stamp or sticker on the hand.


  • Instructors are dressed like dancers wearing a leotard, tights, and dance skirt.
  • We bring music and we teach pre-choreographed routines follow-the-leader style.
  • We want each child to feel like a beautiful ballet dancer and a jazzy tap dancer while learning dance steps, routines, and traveling patterns.
  • Boys are always welcome to dance class!

Format and Curriculum

BALLET:  enhances balance, flexibility, grace


JUMPS - saute, echappe, jete, changement

CENTER FLOOR - tendu, grand battement, passe, eleve, developpe, arabesque, turns, port de bras, splits, and stretching.

ACROSS THE FLOOR - Tippy-toe walks, grapevines, chasse, skipping, runs, leaps                  

TAP:  enhances sense of rhythm and showmanship

WARM UP TIME -isolating sounds of heel, ball, toe, jazz hands, plies

CENTER FLOOR AND ROUTINES - incorporate the following: shuffle step, hop, toe; stomp, skuff, flap, ball change, paddle turn, jumps

ACROSS THE FLOOR VARIATIONS - heel toe, toe heel, tippy toe walk, chasse, marching, fast/slow


Providing Gymnastics, Ballet, Creative Dance, Tap and Yoga in Torrance 90503, Manhattan Beach 90266, El Segundo 90245, Redondo Beach 90277 and Hawthorne 90250

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