FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Q.   How can I sign up for SuperKids?

A.  If you want a class at one of our City Parks and Rec.  locations, look under Classes Near You on the right and click on the city that you want.
A.  If you want a class at one of our schools, remember your child must be enrolled at the school to join SuperKids.  If that is the case, find a flyer at the school and follow instructions, or call us at (310)378-4800.
A.  If SuperKids is not at your child’s school, e-mail us or call SuperKids at (310)378-4800.

Q.  Can I enroll in a class mid-session?   Do you pro-rate?
A.  If registered at a school program:  YES, usually your child may enroll mid-session. To pro-rate, read instructions on the registration form.
A.  If registered at a city Parks and Rec. program: NO. However, in some situations you may enroll mid-session and pay full price and then do make up classes at the same location.

Q.  If my child misses a class due to illness, can he or she do a make up class?

A. If your child is enrolled in a city Parks and Rec class: YES you are welcome to make up missed classes in another similar class of the same age at the same location.  Unfortunately, if your child is enrolled through one city, you cannot do a make up class at another city.
A.If your child is enrolled in a school program: NO there are no credits or make up classes available.

Q.  How do SuperKids teachers work with kids of varying levels and ages in one class?
A.  Every class has new children as well as returning children.  Some children are further developed in their skills than other children.  Our instructors are well trained in the lead-up skills and extensions for everything we teach.  During obstacle course time,  we show options for “self-adjusting” challenges.  Example: When jumping off the springboard over a rope, we show the child how to raise or lower the rope to make it easier or more challenging.  The instructor can also change the skill level for each child as they come to their station. Exanple: If the child can do a back roll down the incline mat without help, the instructor will take it away, and teach them how to do it on the flat mat.

Q.  How can I get SuperKids to come to my child’s school?
A.  Please click here to contact us.

Make sure you let us know the following:

Your Name, School’s Name, Contact Person (if you know it) and School Phone

Q.  What happens if it rains?
A.  Sometimes the school decides to cancel the SuperKids class on a rainy day.  In that case we will schedule a make up class on a different day and notify you by phone or e-mail.  If we can’t do a make up class, you will receive a credit or refund.  Community classes are never canceled due to rain.

Q. Can my child take a  trial SuperKids class?
A.  At a city Parks and Rec. location: YES only in the City Of El Segundo do they allow a free trial class with teacher's permission.  Call (310)378-4800.  NO at any other city. However, you are welcome to observe a class.  Keep in mind that if you pay the full amount to register your child, then discover he or she is not happy with the class, after the first or second meeting,  most city locations will allow you to transfer to another class or give you a credit for any other type of class offered through that city.
A.  At a school where your child attends: YES, he or she may try a  class.  Call (310)378-4800 to arrange a  trial class, or email us.


Q.  What safety precautions are in place at SuperKids classes?

  • All employees must pass a state certified background check called  Live Scan.  In addition, all are First Aid/CPR certified, and TB screened.
  • Instructors receive on-going safety training and regular evaluations.
  • Our rule of thumb is one instructor for every eight children.  Many classes have two or even three instructors, depending on the class size. 

Q.  What is the attire for gymnastics class?

A.  Elastic-waist pants - no jeans, or belts. T shirt.  In school programs, kids wear sneakers and socks.  At the community programs, kids go barefoot.  Girls can wear a leotard with shorts.  Long hair must be up and out of the way. We LOVE to see our gymnastics students wearing our SuperKids T Shirt! 

Q.  What is the attire for dance class?

  • For both ballet and tap, any color or type of leotard and tights are fine, and a skirt is acceptable. Boys wear soft pants and a T shirt.
  • If you need to purchase an outfit, we recommend that you get the spring recital attire for your child to wear to class so that you don’t have to purchase a new outfit in May or June.
  • For the spring recital, ballerinas wear white tights, solid light pink leotard with no design or skirt attached.   Any kind of sleeve or neckline is fine.
  • Pink leather ballet shoes and, if taking tap, black tap shoes are required.
  • Boys wear black leather ballet shoes and black tap shoes.

Q.  Where can I purchase dance clothes?

A. Because little feet grow so fast, the more budget tap and ballet shoes can be found at Payless. Target, Walmart or Expressly Motion for dancewear.

Q.  Can I observe my child’s class?

A.  YES - at some locations.  Call (310)378-4800 for information.

Q.  How can I learn how my child is doing in class?

A.  E-Mail SuperKids or call the office at (310)378-4800, and your child’s instructor will get back to you.


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